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1-Do you need to calibrate the device?
No, it self-calibrates when turned on and the sensor strips do not need resetting. All sensor strips are fully checked during the production process

2-Are the measurements displayed by the DIGINIP the same as using the inking method to measure nip width?
Not completely; the values displayed by DIGINIP will tend to be greater than those obtained using the inking method, as inserting the sensor strip between the rollers tends to increase the width. The greater the diameter of the roller, the higher the DIGINIP reading. The best solution is to draw up a table of correspondences between measurement methods.


3-the sensor strips have to be replaced? If so, how often?
The strips need to be replaced very rarely. In our experience, they only need to be changed after approximately 2000 measurements
If the strip is accidentally creased during a measurement operation, it must be replaced as its measurement precision will no longer be guaranteed

4-Do you need a special tool to change the strips?
A cross-head screwdriver is all you need. Open the assembly that is closed by a cross-head screw and the strip is released. When connecting the strip, it does not matter which way up it is inserted, and it is held in place by pressing it on the Velcro strip in the connector Assembly.